FAM: short for family.

A group of individuals with whom you’ve build up such a strong connection, you consider them family. 

Enter La Fam: a brother and sister who have had a shared passion for urban fashion for their entire teenage years. A brother and sister who consider themselves as though they’re twins, best friends and always meet each other in fashion. They’re each others fam.

A fam can take on different shapes: it could be the one that takes you on the back of their bike and takes you into the city, the one with who you drink your last beer of the evening, or the one that pulls you out of bed at 9 am to make something of your day. 

But despite our ideas about solidarity, we think of individuality as highly important. An individual makes their own choices and chooses their own style. Therefore, La Fam is also an individual. 
We don’t compare ourselves with other brands, but design clothing to match our vision.