FAM: A special group of individuals that you have a connection with. You consider them your fam.

La Fam is a unisex streetwear family based in Amsterdam. Passionate about the youth culture in Amsterdam, we slowly try to connect with the rest of the world. Through a family bond, our group of friends, the special people around us, and everyone we share the love with, we build a brand that is as inclusive as possible. Within La Fam, we believe in equality, where acceptance is important. Accepting each other can make one feel at home and part of a family. We believe in connecting and helping each other. We speak out on issues we think are important and try to give a voice to the people and organizations we care about.

Anna and Renze van Jaarsveld, La Fam’s founders, lacked a creative outlet at high school and wanted to use their special bond as brother and sister to come up with creative expressions together. This resulted in La Fam short for “La Familia” and the special bond serves as the core value of our brand. We believe in growth by collaborating with artists, brands, and anyone who wants to create. We want to build a family that does not consist of country borders, but that connects worldwide.

Our love for streetwear stems from our intrest and influences in hip-hop culture and the youth culture associated with it. We believe in creating a close community by being more than just a clothing brand. We believe in the power of hosting events, collaborating with artists, and writing a blog. Ultimately, we hope to create a family that is as close as possible, in which everyone can feel part.

We are La Fam.