With a bright and lucid voice the 22-year-old Lil Halima from Norway sings effortlessly over funky, repetitive beats. The singer transcends any and all genres: her music sounds soulful, the productions are playful and upbeat, yet her songs also show slight influences of traditional Norwegian music. Mostly, Lil Halima sings in English, but on the songs ‘FALLER’ and ‘10 hint 10 ganger’ you can hear her in Norwegian, where she sounds just as light-footed and accessible as in her other tunes. Lil Halima plays both violin, as well as piano, and she produces most of her songs herself. But her creativity reaches further than just music: she paints, makes hand-dyed t-shirts; she even uses her own body as a canvas. We spoke to the versatile Norwegian prodigy about the creative scene in Norway, her future plans and how she has been experiencing the past few months of quarantaine.

How did you get in the touch with the creative environment that you’re currently in? Did you know you would wanna continue in that world?

I pursue what has been growing around me my whole life. I Never looked for an environment, it kind of feels like it naturally was created around me. However when we look at the actual people, I think I'm just attracted to people who function and create like me and vice versa.

When did you first start making music?

I started showing joy for music at an early age, dancing and singing. I started making music and playing on my mother's piano as soon as my brain was able to puzzle it together.

Except for the violin and the piano, were there any other instruments that drew your attention?

I wish I could play every instrument, haha! But I've been wanting to learn how to play bass.

You also make visual art, have you ever fantasized about having your own exposition?

Absolutely! Pretty sure I'll piece one together very soon! I just need to figure out what I want to say and express, and which way it is the most groundbreaking.

What is the creative scene like in Norway?

I found it very nice and supportive! People support each other, instead of competing. It's welcoming and warm and creative wise were so broad and diverse.

The song ‘10 hint 10 ganger’ is Norwegian. Are you planning to make more Norwegian music?

Absolutely! There will be songs made in Norwegian naturally, however I absolutely do prefer English.

Besides music, what else inspires you in the world?

Simple joy, people blossoming despite all odds, when I see other creative people create what they want unapologetically, good people, and love.

Has quarantaine impacted your creative process?

Definitely, I see it as a gift and a curse. I feel more shy, a little less comfortable being very out there, still I've been growing internally and it will show through my music eventually.

What are you currently working on? Are there any other genres you would like to experiment with in the future?

I am starting to think about an album. It is a big thought for me. What will it sound like? What will I say? Who will understand it? However I'm beyond excited. I want to be genre breaking, and not be bound to any genre at all.